Turgay Gears

Turgay Gear Machine

Established in 1995, Turgay Machine Gear Industry has been carrying out important work since that day by aiming to be honest and customer satisfaction.

Innovative, dynamic, efficient, reliable team spirit with a strong technical team; we do not compromise on quality, punctuality and customer satisfaction, we serve our valuable customers with optimum prices in accordance with world standards.

We are constantly renewing ourselves according to technological developments with a team spirit that all of our employees actively take part in, in order to increase customer satisfaction, to meet current and future expectations of our customers.

We are the real solution partner of Agriculture, Textile, Machinery, Food, Mining, Maritime, Construction Machinery, Construction, Iron and Steel, Printing, Marble and Transportation sectors with high quality Internal Gears,Spur & Helical Gears,Bevel Gears,Worms & Worm Wheels,Trigger Gears,Gear Racks,Sprockets,Splined Shafts production capacity.